William H. Fredlund

Director of the Institute and Board Member

billunderoakWILLIAM FREDLUND obtained his BA and his MA from UCLA where he specialized in European history and Art history. After independent study in Europe, Dr. Fredlund came to Stanford University to pursue graduate study in history and humanities where he specialized in Renaissance Italy and completed a Ph.D. in both history and humanities. Dr. Fredlund studied in Italy on a Fulbright Fellowship where he began work on his book about Renaissance Italy.

While living in Italy, he lectured extensively in Florence for American university programs such as those of UCLA and University of Michigan, as well as for University of Florence. In the United States, Dr. Fredlund has taught for UCLA, Stanford, and UCSC-Extension. Dr. Fredlund is currently writing a book entitled 1494: The Year the French Discovered Italy in which he explores the extraordinary changes that occurred in Italy during the crisis of 1494.

In the photo above, Prof. Fredlund is seen sitting under the two hundred-year old oak tree at his home in Los Altos.



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