17th Century

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1600 (Feb) Giordano Bruno burned as heretic: Campo dei Fiori-Rome.
Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
Tycho Brahe and Johanes Kepler working together in Prague.
1601 Earl of Essex leads revolt against Eliz; is tried and executed.
Queen Eliz delivers her “Golden Speech” surveying 43 year reign.
Jesuit missionary Matteo Ricci admitted to Peking.
1603 Death of Queen Elizabeth of England.
Cousin James of Scotland succeeds as James I.
1605 Cervantes’ Don Quixote Part I, published.

Shakespeare’s King Lear and Macbeth.

Sir Francis Bacon, The Advancement of Learning.

In London, Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.

1606 Birth of Rembrandt. (d. 1669)
1607 Foundation of colony of Jamestown, Virginia. first English settlement in America.
1608 Birth of John Milton.

Dutchman John Lippershey invents telescope.

First “checks” (Cash letters) in use in Netherlands.

1609 Dutch East India Co ships first tea to Europe from China.
1610 Galileo, The Starry Messenger, published in Venice.

Assassination of King Henry IV of France.
succeeded by his son Louis XIII at age 9.
mother Marie de’ Medici as Regent.Death of Caravaggio.

Henry Hudson sails into Hudson’s Straits and discovers Hudson’s Bay.

1611 John Donne: Anatomy of the World.
1612 Dutch on Manhattan Island.

Begin building very tall buildings.

1614 Sir Walter Raleigh writes The History of the World.

Death of El Greco.

1616 Death of Shakespeare.
Death of Cervantes.
1618 Thirty Years War. all Europe drawn in (Prot vs Cath).
1619 Wm Harvey announces discovery of circulation of blood. (London).
1620 Pilgrims leave Plymouth, England in Mayflower, seek religious liberty (Puritans).
1621 Philip IV, King of SpainĀ (to 1665),

Velasquez paints the king.

1621 Protestant rebellion in France.
War between Holland and Spain.
1622 Weekeley Newes issued in London for first time.
Beginning of modern newspapers, London ahead of all cities.
1623 Publish the First Folio edition of Mr William Shakespeare’s “Comedies, Histories and Tragedies Published According to the True Originall Copies.”
1625 Death of King James I.
succeeded by son Charles I.
1626 Death of Francis Bacon. (b. 1561)
1630 John Winthrop (1587-1649) sails with Plymouth Company expedition, April arrives Mass. with 1000 settlers, founds Boston in Sept, becomes first governor of the state, 16,000 more settlers follow.
1632 (Feb.21) Galileo: Dialogue on Two Chief World Systems (pub in Flo).
First coffee shop opens in London(Newspapers and coffee houses).Birth of John Locke.

Rembrandt: Anatomy Lesson of Dr Tulp(Science in art).

1633 (Jun) Galileo in before Inquisition: abjures the Dialogue in Rome.
1636 Foundation of Harvard.

Tea appears in Paris for first time.

1638 Nicolas Poussin paints “Et in Arcadia Ego”
appearance of central myth of 18th century Romanticism, run off to country, be a shepherd which all French aristocracy will soon enjoy: playing at Arcadia in the woods near their castles.
1640 Short Parliament & Long Parliament(to 1653).Begin of war between King of England and the Parliament.
1642 Begin hostilities of the English Civil War.

All theaters closed in England: by order of the Puritans now in control of Parliament. (till 1660).

Rembrandt’s The Night Watch.Death of Galileo.

1643 King Louis XIV becomes King of France (to 1715)
the most powerful monarch of the 17th century.
Moliere founds the Illustre Theatre in Paris, later Comedie Francaise.
1644 Descartes: Principia philosophicae (“Cogito ergo sum”).

John Milton: Areopagitica argues for the freedom of the press, radical idea and part of the growing democratic spirit of both England and the new colonies.

1647 King Charles of England captured, taken prisoner.
1648 End of 30 Yrs War,
pop of Germany down to 8 mil from 17 mil(1618).
1649 (Jan 19)Trial of King of England before court of Parliament.

(Jan. 30)Execution of the King of England by Parliament.

1660 Parliament invites Charles II: Come back into England.
1665 First issue of London Gazette: one of first newspapers.
1667 John Milton: Paradise Lost.
1669 Death of Rembrandt. (b. 1606)
1675 Death of Vermeer. (b. 1632)
1685 Death of King Charles II of England,
succeeded by James II.
1688 Expel James II,
invite in Protestant William and Mary from Holland.
1689 Parliament confirms “abdication” of James,
accession of Wm & Mary.
Proclamation of a Declaration of Rights in England
(freedom of speech, press).
1690 John Locke: Essay Concerning Human Understanding.