Week 30

We all know that Alexandria was not really the last Greek city; many other cities survived as Greek cities into the era of the Roman Empire. But ancient Alexandria really was in a way the last very greatest of all Greek cities, so we will devote our last meeting to this extraordinary explosion of creativity and research and publishing and librarianship and all these great things that came out of this Greek city in Egypt that flourished all the way to the Islamic conquest in the 600's.



The Last Days of Socrates,

Christopher Rowe, Translator,

Penguin Classics,

ISBN 0140455493


The Nicomachean Ethics,

J. A. K. Thomson, Translator,

Penguin Classics,

ISBN 0140449493


Here is the information about the best book available right now on Alexandria. You can get it in either a hardcover or a paperback or kindle and or audible audio recording so you have your choice of all.

It is not here linked yet to the Amazon site, but I wanted you to have this info this week.

It is a great book and you might want to own the beautiful hardcover.


Michael Scott,

From Democrats to Kings,

The Overlook Press; 1 edition (September 16, 2010),

ISBN 1590203917

Edith Hall,

Aristotle's Way: How Ancient Wisdom Can Change Your Life,

Penguin Press,

ISBN 0735220808

Paul Johnson,

Socrates: A Man for Our Times,

Penguin USA,