The Iliad

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The Iliad

This outline of the Iliad was prepared by William Fredlund in August,
2000. The Iliad narrates a story that takes place during a period
of fifty-one days at Troy. The events of fifteen days and five nights
are shown in detail in the story while the remaining time is only
indicated briefly in the narration such as the nine days of plague
in Book I. The story opens in the ninth year of the war. The line
numbers of the Greek text are indicated in parenthesis. All English
translations, including the Robert Fagels edition that we use in
class, provide you with the line numbers of the original Greek text.

Book I, The Rage of Achilles
Day one to day twenty-one
The quarrel of Achilles and Agamemnon(1-53).
Chryses appeals to Agamemnon(12-32).
Chryses appeals to Apollo (33-43).
Apollo sends the plague (44-53).
The plague lasts nine days.
Council of Achaeans (54-187).
The quarrel gets worse (188-194).
Intervention of Athena (194-326).
Heralds go to Achilles (327-348).
Achilles with Thetis (348-430).
The embassy of Odysseus to Island Chryse (430-476).
Return of embassy (477-487).
Anger of Achilles (488-492).
Eleven day absence of the Gods.
Intercession of Thetis (493).
Thetis with Zeus (493-533).
Zeus and Hera quarrel (533-570).
Hephaestus reconciles parents (571-611).
Olympian peace, banquet, sleep (595-611).

Book II, Agamemnon’s Dream and the Armies Assemble
The night of day twenty-one and day twenty-two
Zeus sends dream to Agamemnon(1-47).
Council of Achaean elders (48-483).
Speech of Agamemnon (48-210).
Great simile: swarms of bees (87).
Athena rushes to Odysseus (166)
Odysseus man of winning words.
Thersites scene, mutiny attempt (211-278).
Calming speeches, Odysseus etc, (279-393).
Sacrifice and breakfast (394-483).
Catalog of ships (484-785).
Zeus sends Iris to Trojans (786-815).
Catalog of Trojans (816-877).

Book III, The Book of Paris and Helen
Day twenty-two
The preparations for truce (1-120).
Menalaus vs Paris (15-37).
Great simile: stepping on snake (34).
Hector and Paris (38-120).
Menalaus agrees to fight Paris (120).
Our first view of the fabled beauty Helen.
Helen’s view from the wall (121-244).
Conclusion of truce (245-313).
Combat between Menalaus and Paris (314-382).
Aphrodite rescues losing Paris (382).
Aphrodite sends Helen to Paris (383-448).
Helen and Paris make love (446).
Agamemnon claims victory (449-461).

Book IV, The Gods and War
Day twenty-two
The breaking of the truce (1-219).
Council of the gods (1-73).
Zeus/Hera: “you want to devour Priam” (35).
Pandaros wounds Menalaus (74-147).
Great simile: like fly on a baby (131).
Agamemnon and Menalaus (148-219).
Agamemnon reviews troops (220-421).
Battle begins again (422-544).
Individual combats and full battle (517-544).

Book V, The Book of Diomedes
Day twenty-two
Athena helps the Achaeans (1-453).
The deeds of Diomedes to wounding (1-113).
Diomedes vs Aeneas (114-418).
Diomedes wounds Aphrodite (327).
Gods on Olympus (367).
Athena vs Aphrodite (419-453).
Apollo saves Aeneas (445-453).
Trojans winning under Ares (454-626).
Diomedes giving ground (626).
Tlepolemus vs Sarpedon (627-710).
Hera and Athena intervene for Achaeans (711-846).
Diomedes wounds Ares (847-906).
Hera and Athena return to Olympus (907-909).

Book VI, The Book of Hector
Day twenty-two
The battle, Nestor encourages Achaeans (1-72).
Hector with Helen (73-118).
Hector with his mother Hecuba (237-311).
Hector with his brother Paris (312-340).
Hector with Helen (340-369).
Hector with his wife Andromache (370-502).
Hector with his son (460-485).
One of greatest scenes in whole of Iliad.
Hector returns to battle (503-529).

Book VII, Hector vs Ajax
Day twenty-two/twenty-four
Trojans gain ground (1-16).
Combat of Hector vs Ajax (17-312).
Council in Agamemnon’s tent (313-344).
Trojan army assembles (345-380).
Speech of Priam, supper, end of day (380).
Truce, burial of dead (381-432).
Achaeans build a wall (433-464).
Sun goes down, Achaeanas share meal (465-482).
Troops lay down, blessing of slumber (482).

Book VIII, The Short Battle
Day twenty-five
Assembly of the gods (1-52).
Inconclusive battle (53-67).
Midday intervention of Zeus (68-77).
Advance of Trojans under Hector (78-197).
Hera angered by course of battle (198-252).
Advance of Achaeans (253-315).
Hector pushes Achaeans back (316-349).
Zeus foils Hera and Athena (350-484).
Nightfall ends battle (485-565).
Great simile: watch fires like stars (555).

Book IX, The Embassy to Achilles
The evening of day twenty-five
Council of Achaeans (1-181).
Speech of Agamemnon (16-28).
Meeting in Agamemnon’s tent (89-181).
Odysseus leads embassy to Achilles (180).
Emb finds Achilles singing of men’s fame (186).
Important: Achilles like Homer, the poet/singer (186).
Important: Achilles on death (400).
Speech of Phoenix (431-605).
Achilles on honor (644-655).
Report of failed embassy (669-713).

Book X, The Book of Dolon
The night of day twenty-five
Plans for nighttime spying (1-339).
Achaeans plan spying (1-298).
Trojans plan spying (299-339).
Dolon meets Diomedes/Odysseus (370-468).
Killing of Dolon (455).
Diomedes/Ody in Trojan camp (469-525).
Return of Dio/Ody to Achaeans (526-579).

Book XI, Book of Agamemnon
Day twenty-six which lasts til Book XVIII
The Aristeia of Agamemnon=The Bravery of Agamemnon.
“Now dawn rose from her bed” (1).
Preparation for battle (1-66).
Great simile: warriors like reapers (67).
Balance of power (67-83).
Great scene: The Gods (75).
The test of Agamemnon(supremacy) (84-283).
Advance of the Trojans (284-309).
Counterattack of Odysseus/Diomedes (310-367).
Slackening of Achaeans/wounds (368-595).
Achilles sends Patroclus to Nestor (596-848).

Book XII, The Battle Around the Wall
Day twenty-six
The wall, history of the wall (1-35).
Preparation for battle (36-107).
Attack of Trojan ally (108-194).
Attack by Hector (195-289).
Attack of Sarpedon (290-429).
Hector smashes the gate (430-471).
Trojans break in (430-471).

Book XIII, The Battle for the Ships
Day twenty-six
Poseidon interferes on Achaean side (1-125).
Battle at the center (126-205).
Poseidon intervenes again (206-329).
Zeus/Poseidon opposition on battlefield (345-360).
Bravery of Idomeneus (361-454).
Battle over corpse (455-575).
Combat of Menelaus (576-672).
Trojans prepare assault (673-837).

Book XIV, Hera Outflanks Zeus
Day twenty-six
Nestor takes stock of situation (1-152).
Nestor and three wounded heroes (27-40).
Agamemnon’s fear and Odysseus’ response (42).
Four leaders take counsel (41-134).
Hera seduces Zeus (153-362).
Hera and Zeus make love (346).
Fighting continues (363-522).
Preparation for battle (363-388).
Ajax fights Hector (402-439).
New onslaught by Achaeans (440-505).
Flight of Trojans (506-522).

Book XV, Zeus Assumes Command
Day twenty-six
Zeus awakes, argue with Hera (1-77).
Zeus’ plan for whole war (49).
Is there no human freedom?
Hera maneuvers against Zeus (78-156).
Zeus orders Poseidon out of battle (157-219).
Apollo heals Hector (220-262).
Apollo helps Trojans (263-389).
Patroclus goes to Achilles (400-404).
Battle around the ships (405-746).
Hector vs Ajax (405-591).
Hector advances (592-673).
Ajax retreats (674-746).

Book XVI, The Book of Patroclus
Day twenty-six
Patroclus asks to wear Achilles’ arms (1-100).
Patroclus & Myrmidons arm (130-220).
Patroclus’ deeds (257-418).
Death of Sarpedon (419-683).
Patroclus’ last deeds (684-867).
Hector and Patroclus fight (731-828).
Death of Patroclus (783-855).

Book XVII, The Body of Patroclus; Menalaus’ Finest Hour

Day twenty-six
The Aristeia of Menelaus.
Combat over corpse of Patroclus (1-139).
Massed combat over corpse (140-423).
Battle for the horses of Achilles (424-542).
Return of Achaeans with body of Patroclus (543-761).

Book XVIII, The Shield of Achilles
Day twenty-six
Antilochus informs Achilles of Patroclus’ death (1-34).
Lament of Thetis for her son (35-64).
Achilles tells Thetis: back to battle (65-147).
Rescue of Achaeans by appearance of Achilles (148-238).
Battle ends: sunset (239-242).
Achilles with corpse of Patroclus (315-355).
Zeus and Hera (356-368).
Important: the Shield of Achilles (468-614).
The two noble cities (478).

Book XIX, The Apology and the Champion Arms for Battle

Day twenty-seven
“As dawn rose up in her golden robe” (1).
Thetis gives Achilles his new arms (1-39).
Peace between Agamemnon/Achilles (40-281).
Important: a changed Achilles (67).
Laments for Patroclus (282-351).
Preparations for battle (351-424).
Achilles arms for battle (351-398).
Achilles & horse Xanthos (399-424).

Book XX, The Book of Aeneas
Day twenty-seven
This is the most important book for Virgil’s Aeneid.
Council of Gods (1-75).
Theomachy: divine anarchy (25).
“Go help whom you want”(25).
Combat of Aeneas and Achilles (76-352).
Apollo encourages Aeneas (76-111).
Hera tries to intevene on Achilles side (112-155).
Achilles and Aeneas (156-287).
Poseidon rescues Aeneas (288-352).
Divine protection (300).
Achilles’ rage and flight of Trojans (353-503).

Book XXI, The Wrath of Achilles Again
Day twenty-seven
Achilles fights the Trojans in the river (1-232).
Battle of the Gods (385-520).
Ares vs Athena (391-417).
Athena vs Aphrodite (418-434).
Apollo vs Poseidon (435-469).
Artemis vs Hera (470-496).
Gods return home (515-520).
Trojans fight back into city (520-611).

Book XXII, The Death of Hector
Day twenty-seven
Here we see Gods and Men.
Best Book for seeing relationship of Gods and Men.
Is Homer criticizing Gods esp lines 246ff.?
Athena tricks Hector?
Trojans in the city (1-130).
Encounter of Achilles and Hector (131-166).
Gods debate Hector’s fate (167-247).
Athena tricks Hector (214-247).
Battle: Achilles-Hector (248-394).
Achilles kills Hector (326).
Achilles’ mistreatment of Hector’s corpse (395-404).
Priam laments Hector (405-436).
Andromache laments Hector (437-515).

Book XXIII, The Funeral Games
Day twenty-seven/twenty-nine
Achilles and Patroclus’ corpse (1-58).
Patroclus appears in dream (59-110).
Burning of Patroclus’ corpse (110-225).
Burial of Patroclus’ bones (226-257).
The funeral games (257-897).

Book XXIV, Achilles and Priam
Day twenty-nine to day fifty-one
Achilles mistreats Hector (1-21).
Mistreatment goes on for 11 days (22-30).
Council of the gods (31-142).
Thetis goes to Achilles (120-140).
Zeus to Priam: go to Achaeans (143-187).
Priam goes to Achaeans (188-467).
Achilles and Priam (468-676).
Priam arrives Achilles camp (471).
Spectacular scene: Achilles-Priam (507-550).
Prepare Hector’s corpse (572-627).
A bed for Priam (628-676).
Priam will bring home Hector (677-804).
Priam departs (677-697).
Priam arrives Troy with Hector (698-718).
Lamentations of Andromache, Hecuba, Helen (719-776).
Build Hector’s pyre nine days (777-784).
Burial of Hector (785-804).