Week 10


  1. seagoing (like frogs around the pond) swimmers and divers
  2. suspicious of authority (creation of democracy)
  3. individualistic (freedom)
  4. enquiring minds (science)
  5. openness to other culture (travel)
  6. articulate language (special nature of Greek): The Greeks themselves believed that they were incomparable at talking. They often said that it was this that made them superior to all “barbarians,” a word that originally meant “people who don’t speak Greek but speak unintelligibly.” Odysseus was the best talker of them all.
  7. sense of humor/wit
  8. competitive, passion for excellence (Olympics)
  9. the value of beauty: Adonis Venus best athlete should also be the most beautiful.
  10. pursuit of pleasure, joy, fun
  11. Odysseus embodies all of these essential characteristics of the ancient Greeks.


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