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Rembrandt van Rijn was born in 1606 in the prosperous Dutch city of Leiden. His father owned a mill and so the family was part of the prosperous middle class, the property owning class of the new Dutch Republic. His skill as a draughtsman soon led him to the big city of Amsterdam where any artist who was good could earn a very substantial income. Rembrandt was an immediate success. His portraits sold for high prices almost immediately and he worked very hard. In one year, 1632, he painted 50 paintings which earned him a huge income. For almost forty years, his paintings were valued and sold for high prices. When he died in 1669 he was one of the most famous artists of all time.


1606 (July 15) Rembrandt born in Leyden. Father a successful miller.
1613 Rembrandt begins studying at Latin School. Getting good basic classical education. As a painter knows BOTH classical and biblical stories.
1620 Rembrandt enters the University. Leyden University.
1620 Rembrandt later in year leaves university. Wants to study painting.
1624 Rembrandt studying painting: with Pieter Lastman in Amsterdam.
1625 Rembrandt now painting in Leyden. Still teenager.
1628 Citizen of Leyden says: miller's son the painter much praised.
1629 Rembrandt already well known. successful painter at 23.
1631 Rembrandt in Amsterdam. living with art dealer Van Ulenburgh.
1632 In one year, 1632-33 Rembrandt produces 50 paintings, (mostly portraits), earning huge income.
1634 Rembrandt marries beautiful Saskia. (cousin of his landlord Van Ulenburgh).
1630s They have 4 children; only Titus survives.
1639 Rembrandt buys huge expensive house in Breestraat. costs 13,000 guilders. spending enormous amounts of money.
1640 Death of his mother.
1641 Birth and baptism of Titus. Saskia never recovers.
1642 In June: Saskia dies after long illness.
1640s Geertje Dircx joins household as Titus' nurse. Becomes Rembrandt's mistress.
1648 Geertje makes will: leaves everything to Titus.
1649 Hendrickje Stoffels joins household, replaces Geertje, she sues. Court does not force R to marry her but to pay annual alimony. Rembrandt withdraws from painting. a dark year.
1650 Rembrandt retaliates, lawyers collect gossip. Gets Geertje committed to reformatory on basis of a "morals" charge. Rembrandt's worst act. later knows it.
1653 Rembrandt paid 500 guilders for "Aristotle Contemplating Homer." (a mason earned 300 guilders a year.)
1654 Bad economic times in Holland: Rembrandt's economy falls apart.
1656 Court orders sale of all Rembrandt collection, (not same a bankruptcy).
1658 Rembrandt house sold at auction. Almost everything goes on sale.
1660 Hendrikje and Titus form company to trade art (Rembrandt's). to protect him from creditors. For rest of life he works as employee of their company.
1662 Hendrickje dies. Rembrandt devastated.
1668 In February: Titus marries.
1668 In September: Titus dies.
1669 In October: Rembrandt dies.


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