Rome, Cicero, and the Republic

Cicero and Julius Caesar

Lifelong friends, lifelong enemies.

Cicero and Octavian

Cicero's last days: martyr for freedom.



Selected Works,

translated by Michael Grant,

Penguin Classics,

ISBN 0140440992

In this collection of Cicero's works read the following:

  1. The excellent introduction by Michael Grant
  2. Part One (Section 2) "Selection from His Correspondence"
  3. Part One (Section 3) "The Second Philippic"

We are very lucky to have a paperback edition of the wonderful new biography of Cicero available to us for our class this Fall. The Everitt biography is the first new biography of Cicero in many years and it is the best I have ever read. It is a total pleasure and if you find Cicero to be as interesting as I do then you will want to own the Everitt book.

Anthony Everitt,

Cicero: the Life and Times of Rome's Greatest Politician,

New York: Random House (2002),

ISBN 037575895X