Week 10

The fall of Rome took place over several hundred years. This took place during the 400's and 500's. In the past, historians have viewed the fall of Rome is a horrible catastrophe. But now in the 21st Century, many historians have begun to consider the positive values that emerged in the post Roman period. One thing that happened was that new political units, new kingdoms emerged. The Franks, the kingdoms of the Anglo-Saxons, the kingdoms of the Visigoths, all created new political units in France Spain and England. These new kingdoms had new values, new capitals, and new art. So this week we will look at the art of what is sometimes called the "Dark Ages" but was in reality a very creative period with fascinating new artistic styles.

Hugh Honour does not have a specific chapter on the art of the Northern Kingdoms. There is some material in his chapter on early Christian art.

Hugh Honour,

The Visual Arts: A History,

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