Week 2

The story that we will follow here these next ten weeks of Fall Quarter is the story of Western Art, that is, art that begins in Ancient Greece, continues on into Roman civilization and then on into Medieval Europe. But there are many important artistic traditions that anticipate the Western story by thousands of years. We will explore those other, older artistic traditions this week. It is a. fleeting moment to spend with such artistic richness, but it will possibly spark an interest in something you do not know, and you can return to it later. We do not know what is the oldest of Mediterranean artistic traditions. For a hundred years. we have assumed that art began in Sumer at something like 3000 BC. But with the discovery of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey in 1994 by Klaus Schmidt of the German Archaeological Institute in Turkey, those boundaries had to be moved back to ten thousand BC.


For week two of History of Art, read the first 100pp of Honour.
Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Minoans, India, China.

Hugh Honour,

The Visual Arts: A History,

Laurence King Publishing,

ISBN 1780671172