In 1918, a teenager from Oak Park, Illinois arrived in Italy to serve with an ambulance brigade at the Italian front. He had chosen to place himself in a dangerous place in order to learn about the world and to have something important to write about. He knew he wanted to be a writer. And he knew there was nothing important going on in Oak Park, Illinois. So he came to Italy. He was only on the front up in the valley of the Sdige river for a few months when he was badly wounded. He was evacuated to a hospital in Milan where he received excellent care from an international team of doctors and nurses. He began to heal and he fell in love with one of his nurses. Hemingway's decision to go to war was both brave and brilliant. He wrote some very great short stories about the war. And later he wrote one of the greatest of all World War I novels: A Farewell to Arms. We will read A Farewell to Arms, and this unforgettable novel will take us to the front and give us a sharp clear view of Italy and the war.


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