La Lingua e la Cultura Italiana

Benvenuto a Studenti di Lingua Italiana!

Welcome Italian Language Students!

We are pleased to offer conversational Italian language instruction at the Institute. The objective of all the courses is to offer quality classes in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, providing students with an authentic approach to Italian culture and language.

The courses will help students build and expand their vocabulary and converse in Italian. The teaching method will include group exercises of reading, writing and dialogs.

These classes will be especially beneficial to individuals who are planning to travel to Italy, or those who just wish to enjoy Italian culture.

We are fortunate to have skilled and experienced instructors and native Italian speakers in Gilda Borrelli and Cristina Brocchin.

Note that online registration is not available for language classes. For a class schedule and/or to enroll, please call the Institute office (408-864-4060, M - F, 10am-4pm).