King Solomon

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SAT, APR 17, 7PM

Archeology and the Bible:


presented by

Patrick Hunt, Ph.D. 

Solomon engraving from La Grande Bible de Tour, by Gustave Dore (1870)

Solomon engraving from La Grande Bible de Tour, by Gustave Dore (1870)

“All the earth was seeking the attention of Solomon,
to hear his wisdom, which God had put in his heart.”
—I Kings 10:24

The wealth and glory of Solomon’s reign as described in the
Bible is nothing short of marvelous, too marvelous for some.
On the other hand, the descriptions may balance out by also recording
his eventual apostasy, excesses and quasi “existential” end.
How credible are the stories of his wealth and wisdom in the light
of history and archaeology compared to other ancient monarchs? 
Can we realistically assess Solomon’s riches and wisdom? 
Was Solomon’s reign the zenith of Ancient Israel?
These relevant questions are addressed, as in
Dr. Patrick Hunt’s recent book 
Archaeology and the Bible:
Ten Illuminations of Selected Biblical Texts

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