Week 20


On our last night of this quarter we want to review the unique 600-year story of Moorish, Jewish and Christian cultures in the unique peninsular world of Medieval Spain.

  1. How much Islamic and Jewish influence survived in Renaissance Spain?
  2. What did the Pope think of the unique Spanish mix of cultures?
  3. How did other Christian monarchs in Europe view Medieval Spain?
  4. How did Spain in 1300 compare to France and England?

Chris Lowney, Chaper 18, "Alfonso the Learned King"

Chris Lowney,

A Vanished World: Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Medieval Spain,

Oxford University Press (2006),

ISBN 0195311914


Spring Vacation (2 weeks) - Monday March 18 and Monday March 25, 2024


No class the week of March 18 and March 25.

First class of Spring Quarter is April 3, 2024