Week 15

France, 1830-1850

King Louis Philippe I, (1773-1850), King of France, 1830-1848

Francois Guizot, (1787-1874) Minister of Education, Foreign Minister, and Prime Minister

"The Revolution of 1848"

The 1848 Revolution in France was one of a wave of revolutions in 1848 in Europe. In France, the February revolution ended the Orleans monarchy (1830-1848) and led to the creation of the French Second Republic.  The February revolution established the principle of the "right to work" (droit au travail), and its newly-established government created "National Workshops" for the unemployed. At the same time a sort of industrial parliament was established at the Luxembourg Palace, under the presidency of the Socialist Louis Blanc, with the object of preparing a scheme for the organization of labour. These tensions between liberal Orleanist and Radical Republicans and Socialists led to the June Days Uprising.  The June days were a bloody but unsuccessful rebellion by the Paris workers against a conservative turn in the Republic's course. On December 2, 1848, Louis Napoleon was elected President of the Second Republic in the first truly national presidential election in French history.  (The above from Wikipedia.)




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"Realism" and the work of Honore Daumier and jean Francois Millet.