Week 14: Wednesday, January 25, 2017
King Charles VI

King Charles VI (1368-1422) was only 53 years old when he died, yet he had been the King of France for 42 years. He was a teenager when his father died and he became King of France. His reign began brilliantly with his youth in his favor and extraordinary good looks. For the first ten years, France celebrated its picture-book king with his blond locks and chivalric charm. The one day it all turned into a horror. He was struck with some kind of epileptic fit that left him unconscious. These fits attacked him again and again all during the remaining years of his long reign. During this royal dram, France fell apart. The English conquered more o fthe French countryside, the court fell to fighting, and by the death of the king in 1422, there was almost no France left.


1415 Battle of Agincourt
1422 Death of King Henry VI Death of King Charles VI
1422 King Charles VII succeeds to throne (Charles, 1403-1461)
1429 Joan of Arc comes to Charles at Chinon
1429 July 17, Rheims, coronation of King Charles VII
1431 Burn Joan of Arc in Rouen (The English control Rouen)
1435 Charles signs peace treaty (Treaty of Arras) with Duke Philip III of Burgundy
1451 Louis marries Charlotte of Savoy.
1456 trouble between Charles and son Louis, Louis flees to uncle Duke of Burgundy
1461 Aug 30, death of Charles VII, succession of his son Louis XI (King, 1461-1483)
1461 Louis comes to Paris accompanied by his protector, his uncle Duke Philip of Burgundy (Louis has been living at the court of Burgundy)
1467 death of Duke Philip of Burgundy, son Charles the Bold becomes Duke. he and Louis know each other extremely well since had lived together, Burgundy
1468 Meeting at Peronne, Crisis (Commines) Louis escapes with his life.
1472-1476 War between France and Burgundy.
1476 France/Louis wins.
1476 death of Duke Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy in Switzerland battle.
1483 death of King Louis XI. son Charles VIII to throne.
1491 Charles VIII marries the Duchess of Brittany, Anne.
1494 French invasion of Italy led by Charles VIII
1498 death of Charles VIII, cousin Louis of Orleans becomes Louis XII.