Week 3: Wednesday, October 19, 2016
The Romans in France

France as a Roman Colony.
How “Romanized” was France?
The limits of the Roman conquest.
And how the limits influenced all of later French history.
Remnants of Roman France.
You may own a copy of Julius Caesar’s book on the Roman conquest of Gaul since we read it in our first year of Making of the Western Mind. If you end up with two copies, bring one in to class and am sure there will be someone who will be happy to purchase your extra copy.


Julius Caesar,

The Conquest of Gaul,


ISBN 0140444335


When we turn to our pictures tonight we will visit the area around Notre Dame which will include the new archaeological museum that is under the area in front of the cathedral. This area is called the parvis, which is the term for the open space in front of and around cathedrals and churches. It is probably a corruption of the word for paradise. This area now hosts the new …Crypte archeological of parvis of Notre-Dame.