Week 3

France as a Roman Colony.
How "Romanized" was France?
The limits of the Roman conquest.
And how the limits influenced all of later French history.
Remnants of Roman France.
You may own a copy of Julius Caesar's book on the Roman conquest of Gaul since we read it in our first year of Making of the Western Mind. If you end up with two copies, bring one in to class and am sure there will be someone who will be happy to purchase your extra copy.


Julius Caesar,

The Conquest of Gaul,


ISBN 0140444335

This is one of the most important books that we will read this year. Here is the Roman leading the army into Gaul (France), but also the one who gives us many views of the Celtic people who lived there and against whom he fought. It is a brilliant work of history written in the third person as if by someone who watched Caesar conquer Gaul: "Caesar did this and Caesar did that."