Week 2: Wednesday, October 12, 2016
The Celts in France

Before the Romans crossed the Alps into Transalpine Gaul, the first people to settle into the wide Seine river basin were the Celts. We studied the Celts last year in History of England. But this year we are interested in the Celts as the first people to discover and capitalize on the strategic uniqueness of the Paris region and its important islands that enabled one to cross the Seine.


Alistair Horne,

La Belle France,

Vintage paperbacks,

ISBN 1400034876


"Fascinating. . . . Engaging. . . . Filled with 'hot-blooded' kings, royal mistressesÉand tales of cruelty, treachery and even, occasionally, heart-warming loyalty."

–San Francisco Chronicle

"[Horne] is a virtuoso of the character sketch and the illuminating vignette. . . . La Belle France, with its refreshingly subjective style, possesses more treasures than a whole wall full of textbooks."

–The Wall Street Journal

"A breathtaking tour of French history, from its earliest kings through the Mitterrand government. . . . There are few countries with a more fascinating history than France."

–The Seattle Times

"A useful and charming introduction to a nation that has oh-so-definitely helped make the modern world what it is. . . . Horne does a service in helping the reader navigate the complexities of French history."

–Los Angeles Times


Kevin Duffy,

Who Were the Celts?,

Heritage Books Inc. (May 1, 2009),

ISBN 0788405055

PART TWO, DVD. “The Celts: A Journey Back in Time”

We have an excellent DVD video produced by a cultural film company called Kultur, with excellent interviews with scholars and recreations of events and battles.