Naeem Zafar


Naeem Zafar is a Dean’s Teaching Fellow and a member of the faculty at the University of California Berkeley, and Professor of the Practice at Brown University. He teaches courses in Entrepreneurship, Technology Strategy, Innovation and New Venture Finance at Brown and Berkeley. Naeem is the co-founder and CEO of TeleSense, and has authored five books on entrepreneurship.

Turkey, July 2018

History People & Politics of Turkey (Zafar) 2018

The Next 100 Years (11/3/18)

The New World Order – Next 100-Years (Zafar) PDF

The Making of a Superpower (6/15/19)

Making of a Superpower

Showdown: USA vs.CHINA (11/2/19)

The Showdown USA vs China (Naeem Zafar)

Demystifying Saudi Arabia

Demystifying Saudi Arablia (N Zafar) r2

Books by Naeem Zafar

Naeem Zafar,

7 Steps to a Successful Startup,

Five Mountain Press (February 1, 2011),

ISBN 098331490X

Naeem Zafar,

Get Funded,

Five Mountain Press; 1 edition (October 14, 2010),

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Naeem Zafar,

The Entrepreneur's Legal Guide to Starting Up,

Five Mountain Press (August 1, 2010),

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Naeem Zafar,

Market Research on a Shoestring,

Five Mountain Press; 1 edition (May 1, 2010),

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Naeem Zafar,

Finance Essentials for Entrepreneurs,

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