Eno Schmidt


An experienced CEO and entrepreneur based in the Silicon Valley, Eno Schmidt has degrees in economics and finance from UCLA and University of Chicago. Having studied with Nobel Prize winning economists and others in the Austrian and University of Chicago tradition, including Myron Scholes (the Black-Scholes Model), Eugene Fama (the efficient market hypothesis), Sam Pelzman (the Pelzman Effect), and Arthur Laffer (the Laffer Curve), Eno worked for many years as a partner with one of the Big 4 accounting firms. He led their Silicon Valley practice, consulting with many of the Global 100 firms on their intellectual property. Subsequently, he founded one of the largest current mid-tier consulting firms in the country. As the President of the Cupertino Library Foundation, he has taken the extra steps to enhance the quality and presence of the foundation, the Cupertino Library and their services to the Cupertino community. He has forged a collaborative relationship with the Rotary Club of Cupertino which resulted in the Cupertino Library Foundation being named the beneficiary of the 2009 Rotary Golf Classic-ensuring a $25,000 grant for the planned Teen Room enhancement. Eno has worked tirelessly at leading the foundation and being willing to do the small and necessary tasks to get the job done.