Norman Whiteley has been a key supporter of the Institute for more than fifteen years since our founding in 2003. Norm and Carol found us even before we established the Institute, and they have been two of the most stedfast supporters of our efforts in continuing education ever since. Before his sudden passing in the summer of 2018, Norm and I once laughed that he must have been in the room for our usual weekly classes about 600 times. Pretty amazing. And every time Norm came into the room he added to our discussions, our ideas, our books, our fun. He knew what we were reading, he offered great insights into each book, each author, and listened attentively to other students and their ideas. None of us will ever meet anyone like him again. He was one of a kind.  Below, you can view the recording of his Memorial Celebration at the Institute on Sunday November 17, 2918.

William H. Fredlund, Director of the Institute for the Study of Western Civilization.