Making of the Western Mind Podcasts

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4
Bronze Age Charioteers

Episode 5
The Greek Gods

Episode 6
Homer & The Iliad

Episode 7

Episode 8
The Persian Wars

Episode 9
The Greek Ideal & Sophocles

Episode 10
Alexander the Great

Episode 11
King Phillip II

Episode 12
Alexander’s Youth & Ascent

Episode 13
Alexander’s Conquests

Episode 14
Alexander’s Victory

Episode 15
Early Greek Philosophers

Episode 16

Episode 17
Transmission of Works

Episode 18
Euclid and Ptolemy

Episode 19
The Rise of Rome

Episode 20
The Expansion of Rome

Episode 21
Rome’s Foundation

Episode 22
Julius Caesar

Episode 23
The First Century

Episode 24
The Concentration of Wealth in Rome

Episode 25
The Concentration of Power in Rome

Episode 26

Episode 27
Slavery and the Corruption of the Republic

Episode 28
Early Christianity

Episode 29
Luke the Writer

Episode 30
Luke the Historian

Episode 31
Luke’s Story of Jesus

Episode 32
Christianity in the Age of Books

Episode 33
The Acts of the Apostles

Episode 34
The Apostles and their Preaching

Episode 35
Christianity’s New Order

Episode 36
The Apostles Spreading the Word

Episode 37
The Persecution and Legalization of Christianity

Episode 38
Saint Augustine’s Confessions

Episode 39
Athens and Jerusalem

Episode 40
The Dark Ages

Episode 41
The Fall of the Roman Empire

Episode 42
The Formation of Europe

Episode 43
The Frankish Empire

Episode 44
Eleanor of Aquitaine

Episode 45
Eleanor’s and Henry’s Angevin Empire