Jewels of the Adriatic

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Jewels of the Adriatic

Incomparable destinations

encircling a dazzling and historic sea ~



TRIESTE     ISTRIA        



Presented by 

William H. Fredlund, Ph.D.

SATURDAY evenings at 7:00 PM ~

(doors open at 6:15 PM for wine and goodies)

$30 per lecture


(NOV 11, 2017) VENICE ~ 

Nestled in its marshy lagoon, Venice is a city of superlatives ~ a stunning and unique treasure that belongs to the whole world.

(JAN 13, 2018) IL VENETO ~  

Il Veneto (the region stretching from foot of the Alps to the Adriatic) gives us, among many riches, the fine prosecco wine of Valdobbiadene.

(FEB 10, 2018) RAVENNA ~

With its eight World Heritage paleochristian monuments, its superb mosaics, and Dante’s final resting place, Ravenna is an art and history lover’s dream.

(MAR 10, 2018) TRIESTE ~

The city that beckoned to James Joyce, Italo Svevo, Sir Richard Burton, and Jan Morris is more famous for its literary contributions than its art or architecture.

(APR 14, 2018) ISTRIA ~ 

A land of majestic mountains and breath-taking coastlines, Istria is the Adriatic’s largest peninsula, its territory shared by Italy, Croatia, and Slovenia. TICKETS

(MAY 12, 2018) LJUBLJANA ~ 

The sweet, delightful architecture of Jože Plečni graces Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, an inviting city of colorful churches, parks, bridges, and riverside cafes.  TICKETS

(JUN 2, 2018) DUBROVNIK ~ 

One of the top tourist destinations of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik, Croatia’s famous coastal city, boasts an ancient maritime harbor and beautiful medieval walls.  TICKETS


William H. Fredlund, the Director of the Institute, obtained his B.A. and M.A. from UCLA, where he specialized in European history and art history. He studied in Italy on a Fulbright Fellowship and completed a double Ph.D. in history and humanities at Stanford, specializing in Renaissance Italy. Dr. Fredlund has taught for UCLA, the University of Florence, Stanford, and UCSC Extension.


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