Celebrating Wine 2018

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JUNE 29 – JULY 27

10,000 enthusiastic years of flowing wine history ~
celebrated by Homer, Vergil and the writers of the Bible!

Presented by

Patrick Hunt, Ph.D.

Do you know the Greeks’ six cups of wine rule—three good and three bad?
Can you trace the source of the word “enthusiastic”?

Wine history can be easily documented from Anatolia to Europe to California, covering more than 10,000 years. From the Neolithic Era to Etruscans to Sicilians; from Roman legionaries to Charlemagne; from French monks across Bordeaux, Burgundy and Alsace to the medieval vintners of the Rhine and Rhone; from the Tyrol to the Swiss vineyards, Dr. Hunt will relate the history of the cultivation of grapes and the range of wine uses, and will regale our evenings with Greek and Roman myths and literary quotations from Genesis, Homer, Virgil, Horace, Athenaeus, Chaucer, Rabelais and many other writers.

JUNE 29: Prehistory (Paleolithic, Neolithic, and the Fertile Crescent)    TICKETS
JULY 6:  The Ancient World (Phoenicians, Greeks, Etruscans and Romans)    TICKETS
JULY 13: Medieval Rhine Wine and Charlemagne    TICKETS
JULY 20: France’s Legacy (Bordeaux, Burgundy and Bubbly)    TICKETS
JULY 27: California, Wine’s Eden Revisited    TICKETS


(Doors open at 6:15PM for wine, goodies, and dessert.)

TICKETS: $30 per lecture

Purchase tickets online using the TICKETS links above

or call (408) 864-4060 (M – F, 10AM – 6PM)


Patrick Hunt believes the perceived boundaries between academic subjects are too often arbitrary and artificial, and thus explores junctions between many intersecting areas of interest across the broader humanities, sciences and the arts. Patrick has followed several of his life-long dreams–archaeologist, writer, musician, composer, poet, and art historian–for the last twenty years at Stanford University. Among many other works, he is author of Ten Discoveries that Rewrote History and the newly published Hannibal (Simon and Schuster, 2017).

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The Institute’s summer 2018 programs are supported by a generous grant from The Valley Foundation.